Another San Diego Ceiling

Mission Brewery ceiling. 


The Big Picture

This isn't necessarily an architectural element, but it is an overview picture of some buildings in midtown. It also is a "big picture" symbol of why I haven't been adding photos to this blog.
This picture was taken 24 weeks ago. How do I know that? I was in the hospital after having a baby. This is a view to the west from my room. My life has changed. I haven't lost my personal interests, but I have a lot less time to pursue them. I will still post here, just not as frequently, as you can see. In the meantime please enjoy my archive of architectural elements and check back once in a while for new photos.


Hilton Lights

I love this!


Maritime Hotel, Chelsea

I saw this a month ago and had no idea what it was from the front, but then I saw the sign on the side where the restaurant is. It was originally designed in the 60's for the National Maritime Union.

9th Avenue & 16th Street


Native Americans in Seattle

I totally forgot to post these when I got home from Seattle because I was so busy.

These faces are on the Cobb Building which is now remodeled apartments. The building is on 4th Street, but I took the pictures from right outside the Rock Bottom Brewery on 5th. (That's the same location I photographed, and filmed this building sitting over top of me a couple of years ago.)


Do You Want Your Building to Look Like a Dinner Plate?

If I remember correctly this is the model and plans for a Mercedes headquarter building in Germany. I think it's really interesting that it's essentially based on a dinner plate.


Don't Stick Your Tongue Out At Me...

Look at these faces!

These are on the south side of 27th street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.


Another Crappy Phone Picture

Sorry, I like these faces though. This is somewhere on my walk between Lexington and 8th Avenue on 34th Street.


NYU Element?

This looks like the NYU torch to me, but I don't know that this is an NYU building. It's right across the street from the Armory on Lexington near 25th Street. (I know the quality is not very good. I took the pics with my phone.)


Staten Island Ferry

Finally after living here for 10 years I went down there.


Hotel Bar and Grill

This sign caught my attention after getting off the train in Hoboken, NJ. 
There are so many little architectural details in Hoboken that are interesting I should go explore more. For the last five years usually I have only gone there after dark to go out to eat, or have been driving through, so I do not have many pictures.


Painted Harlem vs. Unpainted Harlem

I'm not a big fan of painting brick. See the nice raw brick next door? But I did find it interesting that they took care to paint some of the details separately. This is a building they have fixed up on 134th street between Frederick Douglass and Adam Clayton Powell.

Here's the building next door that looks quite similar, but has more neutral colors. They're working on it now. I hope they don't paint the brick and details.


Favorite Architectural Element of All Time

I am going back to Seattle this week, so I have been going through old pictures and have been reminded of the Walrus, which is still my favorite element after all these years!