Non-Architecture Structure

I have been to the D.C. area many times, but this is the first time I have been to this memorial. It is an appropriate Memorial Day post, even though it is a bit late.



I Like Circles...

therefore, I like this building.

This is in D.C. about one block from the mall. I didn't get closer than this, so I really don't know what the building is.


More Library of Congress Pictures

What can I say? It's an interesting building!


Exterior of the L.O.C.

The Library of Congress has some interesting elements on the exterior as well as the interior.


The Afterglow of Architecture

Images from DC around the WWII Memorial.


Library of Congress

Who would be interested in going to a place with the name, Library of Congress? I wasn't interested, but I got roped into it. Now I want to go spend some time researching there. It is a beautiful building. There are so many interesting resources and artifacts here, as well as books of course.