Graffiti In Regensburg

There is graffiti everywhere in Europe, but most of it consists of ugly, quick tags. This has that element, but it also has the Banksy-like man's head and shoulders, which I thought was interesting.

Click on the picture for a larger view.


The End of the Old Stone Bridge

I must go back to Regensburg, again. This old stone bridge was very quaint and cute (click here for my other view of it,) so I had to include the entrance looking into Regensburg.


More Weltenburg Nuggets

More Weltenburg Nuggets...of Gold this time, not turds!

This is the main altar.

There were at least two of these reliefs in the church. I loved them. My other picture did not turn out though.

A wall candle-sconce.

A very dramatically naturally-lit sculpture of St. George and the dragon. I don't care for this style, but I love this for some reason. I think the fact that I like this is part of the same aesthetic phenomenon of the general attraction of the masses to kitsch.


Finally...Regional Barvarian Gothic!

The Weltenberg Cathedral
designed in the Regional Bavarian Gothic Style!

This is special!

Warning: The clouds look like turds!


Screw Architecture, and Check Out This Cute Truck!

Thank you for waiting and checking back...I have had a strange sickness that we'll call a virus for all intensive purposes. It manifested itself in non-stereotypically-sickness-like ways, but I was still on my couch. Anyway, in my haste to show Weltenburg, a beer lover's paradise, I neglected to show this cute truck in Regensburg!

Check back soon for the unique interior of the Weltenburg Cathedral.


Kloster Weltenburg

Kloster Weltenburg: The Weltenburg Abbey Cathedral
You cannot tell from the outside, but this is the most interesting Baroque Church I have ever seen, and not in a good way. It's very eclectic. It has a "folksy" style/version of Baroque art inside. It's wonderfully terrible!

I hope you all are waiting with bated breath.


My Memory is Starting to Fade

Does anyone remember what this is? I remember we were on the ferry by the Danube Gorge between Kelheim and Weltenberg, but I can't recall what the building is. Please refresh my memory from August...sad I know.


Dragon Relief

I like these guys under this building overhang in Regensburg. People need to revive the art of architectural reliefs!


Regensburg Cathedral Interior

It's a nice church with wonderful stained glass windows. It is not really distinct on the inside in any way. It could be one of many other Gothic Cathedrals. I think I liked it a lot because it was in Bavaria and it was not Baroque.

I believe this is St. Peter in the back of the Cathedral contemplating Christ on the Cross. This is the first thing one sees when walking in.


Architectural Elements To Make One Feel Pious?

Religious European art was originally intended to visually educate the masses to be pious; this became so because most people were not able to read, or understand Latin, which was the language mass was presented in. Even if some people were able to read, no one could afford Illuminated Manuscripts or Bibles because they were outrageously expensive.

These two figures were on each side of the main door out of the cathedral. Our tour guide told us that it was the Devil on one side and his mother on the other. They were there in order to remind people to be pious and good people when they exited the cathedral to go out into the world.

They don't make me feel especially pious, but people were much more superstitious back then. Maybe if I passed them once a week I would attempt to be more pious...(piety isn't my goal in life, being more Christ-like is, so I still think I would need something else by the doors of the church to make me a better person.)


Yesterday's Theme

These pictures are from the Regensburg Cathedral as well, but I think I forgot these Pictures on purpose yesterday because they are of such poor quality.

This is very standard quatrefoil decoration incorporated into Gothic Design.

This bird looks like a duck that is shielding something with its right wing. I have never seen this on a building before. You can tell the sculptor had seen a duck before it looks very naturalistic!


Regensburg Gothic Cathedral

The patron Saint of Regensburg Cathedral is St. Peter. There is a sculpture of St. Peter inside. I don't think I got a picture of the sculpture of him outside though. I believe the bottom photo is Christ, because there is no key to the church, which is St. Peter's attribute.

It is a grand, beautiful structure. (Read more on what made me fall in love with Gothic Cathedrals by clicking HERE.)


Iron Work in Regensburg

I love this iron work, and the organic reliefs around the door. They aren't the same style, but have similar shapes, if not linear quality.

These are from a gate around a fountain across from the Gothic Cathedral in Regensburg if my memory serves me correctly.


Wedding Central

There were a couple of weddings the day we were here, so we didn't go in, but it was pretty with the flowers and windows outside. You can see flowers on at least two cars on the right.


Don Juan

Apparently it is Don Juan who is asking Rapunzel to let her hair down because he is right down the street from the tower I posted yesterday.

Who knew that he ever visited Regensburg, Germany...is this really him or is my memory fading after four months?


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your hair down.

This is a Renaissance era tower in Regensburg.

Regensburg is said like Ronald Reagan's last name by the way. I always wanted to make the e long and the g hard before I got there, but neither are true.


What a Door Handle!

This door was a fun surprise in Regensburg, Germany. And look at the trompe l'oeil windows next to the door. They're great. I didn't notice them until I was putting this post together or I would have took better pictures.


Wurstkuchl: Historische Wurstküche

Mmmm mmmm Wurstkuchl! I know this is a tourist trap in Regensburg, but it was so good that I don't care.


Early Arches in Engineering

This is a historic bridge in Regensburg, Germany.



The first buttress is from the Melk Abbey in Austria and the second is from the streets of Passau in Germany.

I really just took this picture because it said Blauen Donau (Blue Danube) on it.



The first picture is from a Biergärten, then two images from Brauereien (Breweries) I was able to find, followed by two random signs that caught my eye while exploring Passau. Enjoy! I sure did.