Doors in Passau

Sorry it has taken me so long to post a new architectural picture. I just loved the lion on the previous post so much that everytime I was going to update I couldn't bring myself to push "new post."

I found some interesting doors as I walked around Passau Germany.


More Baroque Lions

This lion is so cute with his human ears and teeth, and cartoon-shaped mouth and nose. I love that these sculptors had never seen a lion in person. The lack of naturalism makes them more interesting to me.

This is on the way up the steps to the museum half of the Melk Abby.


The Melk Abby Cathedral

Baroque architecture is not my favorite, but the grandiose nature of it does say something about the values of the time period. There will be many more Baroque details to come...

This first picture is one of my favorite pictures in terms of design composition! It would make an interesting abstract painting. I may have to work on that.


The Melk Abby Library

Haven't y'all always wanted a library like this? It would be lovely to be so surrounded by books.

It would be fun to have an illuminated manuscript too! I guess I will have to make my own, but it won't be as beautiful.


The Interior of Melk Abby

The first three are pictures of ceilings in the museum area of the abby.

There are three sections in the Melk Abby. The side that is a museum, which is shown by the photos here; the place of worship and the library, which I will include tomorrow and the next day; and the other side, which is still used as an abby, but not open to visitors.


The Exterior of Melk Abby

Seeing Melk Abby from a distance.

There are some great elements on the outside of the Melk Abby. Plus, I love the yellow color.


Got Melk?

I know, I know...the title is predictable and over used, but I had to. I hope someday you can forgive me : )

More photos from Melk, Austria. It is a quaint little town with cute little shops (here,) and a large Abby (for tomorrow's installment.)


Arriving in Melk, Austria

I have no idea what the significance of this building is, but I'm sure there is some importance because of the location and size of it. (If anyone knows please share.)

I think it's interesting how the shapes fit together.


Figures in Vienna

The first three figures are on buildings right by the Opera house in Vienna, and the last two are in the Unsere Gardens.

Look at this strong stud. Holding up the building with a lion carcass clothing him.

This is a sculpture of Johann Strauss.


Vienna Opera

There is a nice overall repetition of circles and elipses on the building.

I LOVE the scroll above the arch here.


Famous Dead White Guys

This building is right on Stephansplatz.
The wall of famous men from history. From left is Leonardo da Vinci, Johannes Gutenberg, Galileo Galilei, and Christopher Columbus.

DETAILS: Look at how shiny the gold is...I wonder if it's real gold leaf.

I love the design above the old famous guys. The colors are great and I think it's an interesting pattern.


Random Elements In Vienna

Here are a couple of architectural elements in Vienna that captured my attention. They were each about a block from St. Stephen's Cathedral.

This isn't beautiful, but I like shields.

The lines here are so elegant.

I love this. I think it's just a vent.