Major Close-Ups

These are elements I had previously posted, but I GOT A NEW CAMERA! Here's to close-up elements.


Signs Signs Signs

I have stumbled on some fun signs in the last couple days. Now that I look at these pictures again there are more signs in them than I focused on when I was taking the pictures. So this blog has a signing bonus.
The first two are from Clarkson Street, and the last one is from Broome Street.

I love the scale of this and the fact that it's a brick wall "painted" on a brick wall. Plus Batman: The Dark Knight is the talk of the town right now.

I love objects as signs, so a coffee cup letting me know there is a Dunkin' Donuts there makes me happy.

This sign is clever. It's for an eyewear store. Plus look at the detailed roll as architectural element at the edge of the building. Very nice!


On Graffiti & Shoes

On my way home from the Brooklyn Brewery I noticed some fun urban elements in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you're going to do graffiti art at least make it good...

I'll find some good urban art to post here. This will just be my urban element warm-up.

This is on Wythe Street by 11th Street, which is around the corner from where the Brooklyn Brewery is located. I highly recommend checking out the former Matzo ball factory in a tour. Tours happen on the hour every Saturday and Sunday beginning at 1pm and ending at 4pm. For More information!


Architecture On Broome: Westside Edition

This is a continuation of the previous post...same street just a bit further West.

This definitely looks like WPA stuff to me, but I have no idea what the history of this building is. It just has a Social Realist look to it.

Can anyone tell what the first man is doing? It looks like he is planing something, but if he is he is cutting toward his hand and that's a definite no no. He also looks like he has the halo of a saint. The second man, it appears, is some sort of chemist.


Architecture On Broome: Eastside Edition

Two buildings with interesting elements from east to west on Broome Street in Manhattan.

Almost everything around this window had shape and detail to it. I wonder what inspired the plant motif...

These little gargoyle-looking creatures caught my attention right away. They look like they have chicken legs. I love them!

Look at the dragons! They have such elegant flow from head to tail. And the one on the right looks like it is eating its own tail.

I would have to say these are some of the most interesting elements I have noticed in Manhattan in a while.