Stone Buildings From The Historic South

This building is called Hill's Keep and it was built in the early 19th century. It is wonderfully crooked and has so much character. (It was moved to this location in the little downtown area of Wichester, VA in 2004 according to a plaque.)

I love the little window up there. Isn't it great?

It is possible to tell that some of these buildings are older than others, but I love the stone construction in all of them. Once in a while I see a stone house in New York and New Jersey, and it makes me happy. They were all over the place in the little historic, touristy area of Winchester, VA. It was very fun for me to walk around and see the history written in the buildings there.


Artfully Done Bathrooms

Here is a post where I point you elsewhere for architectural elements...Everyone must check out this Bathroom Blog!

In all of my travels I have seen some gross things, but I have never seen such sculptural fixtures as some of the pictures in his blog exhibit.


Look At The Teeth on This Lion!

This lion has sharp pointy teeth, but I think the bow under its chin takes some of the scariness away from it.

The scroll work, fruit, and leaves go together well, and are wonderful complements to the rest of the architecture here (even though you can't see the rest of the building. I had to cut off the majority of the ugly window unit.)

I believe this was on my way from Morningside Heights to East Harlem somewhere around Morningside Drive and 112th Street.



I love when form and function are integrated successfully, but sometimes it's just great when form overrides funtion. I do really like tacky designs where architects and designers make functional objects look like something else. I'm sure there are a lot of examples of this on the internet. I have included some links below.

Here are my photographs of the smokestack at Yankee Stadium that looks like a huge baseball bat.

A water tower shaped like a bottle.

Check out the fish restaurant!

Tower as Peach.


Custom-Made Sign

In Western Michigan they have the "Parade of Homes" where people pay money to go through new houses, and these are not just any new houses, but state of the art, amazingly huge new houses.

Here is a custom-made and designed sign from one of the builders involved in the Parade of Homes. I was impressed by the house of course, but I loved that the builder designed and made his own sign. I think it is a very classic sign that reflects the style of the builder.

Hudsonville, Michigan


Lion Without Mouth Ring

This one is not held back by a ring in its mouth. Watch out!

I believe this is 93rd Street again.


Devils and Angels

Here are a couple of photos of two architectural elements from Washington Avenue in Hoboken. One looks like a devil and the other like a little cherub. The angel looks the worse for wear and the devil looks brand spanking new...Interesting. Enjoy!



CUTC = (Columbia University Teachers College)

Here are some pictures of the interior of Teachers College. There are a lot of details inside that I had never noticed even though I had walked the halls many times before. There are many more interesting elements inside those buildings so I may have to go back to explore again.

525 West 120th Street