Building Unmentionables...

The working parts of buildings that people aren't supposed to see can be beautiful too!

I think that is the Futurist in me talking (I know, Futurism born of the industrial revolution is dead.) I guess most people wouldn't consider this beautiful, but I love it. Repetition, power, movement, etc. Neo-Futurists Unite!


Back Stateside

I know these are boring pictures. Click on them! There is a lot of texture in this great city! This is the view from the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I highly recommend going up there for a fun view. It was especially great when the gates were in central park...it's nice now too.


A Pig On the Roof...

A Pig on my plate (Sorry for all you vegetarians out there!)

I will leave you in Nürnberg with these pictures of another Historische Wurstküche.


Interesting Sculpture

I loved this sculpture in Nürnberg. It was in the swanky-shopping area of the old city.

Because of the sizes of the figures it creates an illusion of great depth. I have no idea who it's by, or what it's called. If anyone knows please chime in in the comments section!


More Cute Signage

I love it. I may even put it on a t-shirt. The background is a preview of what is coming next as well. Views of the castle in Nürnberg.


What a Relief...Or Rather a Few Reliefs!

I love the texture on these reliefs!

They are all on the outside of the church in old-city Nürnberg.


Flowers in Architecture

Some flowers to cheer you up on a winter day.

The building has some interesting architectural details on the top as well. I am drawn, as always, to the repetition of circular shapes. And there's a clock on the wall similar to the one a couple posts ago.


Supporting Detail

This is a detail from under the eagle from yesterday. I love this as well.

The lion above for protection (who looks a bit high-maintenance with the mane teased that high.) Then there is the struggle of man below; He looks like he is pulling himself up, or at least holding on with some effort because of the look on his face. The ripe, round fruit frames the scene above with plenty. And then there is the texture below that looks like a spine with leaves on the side. It's very random and very interesting.

The expressive nature of the shapes is what gets me.


Shields In Architecture

I (heart) logos! This shield must have to do with this church or a saint. It has a distinctly Christian symbolism.

Why does the caged bird sing?

Maybe Maya Angelou can tell you, but now we know why the bird is caged in the first place. To keep the other birds out.

This has such expressive texture. I love it!