Scary Little Men

I believe this building is on 110th near Amsterdam...the guys are quite cartoony and grotesque.


Brooklyn Doorknob

It's a small doorknob, with such interesting detail.

Most people would never see this walking by, and I'm not saying this to point out how perceptive I am. I only noticed it because I had to enter the door...

138 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn


Creative Signage

I wonder what kind of clothing they sell here?

I love it! Signs signifying items for sale without saying a word.

This is somewhere down in SoHo.


More Graffiti

This is in the East Village...Do not park your car here to take a picture of the graffiti. It will get broken into in 2 minutes flat. Bleah...

I have seen better graffiti. I like the shapes in the green word on the left. The shapes make me think of a dragon, or forest. I have no clue what the word says so functionally it stinks, but it looks cool. Now that I look at the picture, I wish I had gotten more of the word on the right. I like the shapes there too, with the ovals and teardrop shapes. I'll have to go back, but next time I'm taking the subway.