Human Gargoyles!

You can see the opening for the water spout in the mouth, which shows the gargoyle's original purpose. But it appears that this church has had some modernization done. The large pipes now probably take care of the rainwater runoff. (I won't mention anything about the placement of the pipe.) This cathedral is in Old Town Nürnberg on the way up to the castle.


More of the Same

Here's another building with a saint on the corner, and one window that sticks out of the side of the building. These are all around the cathedral. I wonder if they were all residences of powerful church people, who would have to keep an eye on what was happening in the square by church. Is that why there is only one window that it would be possible to see 180 degrees from? I'm dying to know if anyone out there has this particular nugget of knowledge!

This is fun. It has a sundial clock painted on the wall. I wonder if it's accurate most of the year...

I like the windows sticking out of the roof as well.


Another Great Door Handle

I love this, so I'm keeping it up a couple of days. (Also, it's exam time. I can't post everyday right now. :) )

I can't really tell if this is supposed to be a lion or another imaginary creature, but I love it.


No Architecture, Just a Renaissance Parade

Every hour this parade of people in costumes marched down from the Castle in Nürnberg. It was fun.


Old School Window

Here is another window sticking out of the side of a building. This one looks much older, and it is definitely more ornate. If facing the right direction this room could get a lot of sun exposure. It's exciting.


What a Great Window!

I would love to have this window! It adds something interesting to this otherwise unremarkable building. Along with the little apse-like cubby with the saint in it.

Does anyone know anything about the history of this kind of window. Why is there only one on the building?


Nürnberg Wall Art

These are all in the old town, which is the city center that was built up during medieval times. Nürnberg has some fun things to see.


More Architecture of Power and Propaganda

This is Zeppelin field where the power-building began. This is where marching and war games took place in order to recruit young people to the Nazi cause.

Here's an interesting video clip of the swastika being blown off the top of the main building.


The Architecture of Power and Propaganda

Here are four views of Congress Hall, which is on the back side of the Documentation Center. It was originally designed and built to be used for Nazi meetings. It was meant to look like the Coliseum in Rome, but was never finished because the main power shifted to Berlin, and then the war began.

The Architecture strictly for power and propaganda is quite monumental, but also quite ugly!


Architecture To Document History

These are all artifacts on display in Nürnberg at the Documenation Center, which documents Nürnberg's role in the rise of Nazi power in Germany. It is a whole museum dedicated to propaganda, and how the Nazis assembled and gradually gained power. It is quite a powerful and interesting museum, especially if you're interesting in propaganda art and artifacts, as I am.

I didn't have quite enough time here. I wish I had taken a picture of the entrance, but I was looking at the book selection in the lobby and ran out of time. Click to see the Entrance to the Documentation Center.


The Highlight of My European Tour

Sorry, it wasn't architecture...it was beer! Mmmmmm Weltenburg Dunkel.