How's This For a Column Topper?

This is from the Metropolitan Museum of art. I love this guy's teeth and brow!


Stylized Leaf-Head Lion

This is one of the greatest details I have seen yet. The lion is quite stylized and then the top of its head looks leaf-like. I love it! The roses are also very unique. Most architectural details I have seen with flowers so far are frontal. These are to the side, which is different.

118th Street between Morningside Drive and Amsterdam Avenue on the North side of the street.


Ode to Teachers College

It is one of the most beautiful historic buildings, or rather group of buildings that I have seen. Here are just a couple of pictures of the courtyard from the masters' graduation day today. It's funny I have eaten in this courtyard several times, but it wasn't until I began this blog that I started noticing things like the scary face up by the entryway.

525 West 120th Street


Shell-Like Window Detail

This is a really small architectural detail, but it makes an otherwise unremarkable building a bit interesting.

Journal Square, Jersey City


Two Historic Jersey Theatres

These are the two old beautiful theatres in the Journal Square area of Jersey City. (I'm going to go back to get a better picture of the Stanley Theatre, which I will post later...


Restaurant Decor

Here are two deer and the skylights at my favorite Thai restaurant in New York: Seeda Thai II. The decor is not outstanding here, but the food is very good. The skylights are probably the best part, so go when it's light out.

It's on 50th Street between 8th and 9th.


Leaf Creature

This is from a building in The Village. It is wonderfully expressive with great movement, so I had to have a picture.

Corner of Greenwich and Charles Streets.


Iron Gate

Here is some more aesthetically pleasing iron work. I'm not sure if I like it visually because it does look a bit like hearts. I'm not all about cutesy architectural decoration. I may just like that it's the gate from Columbia University Teachers College, and I miss seeing it on a regular basis. I do really like the spirals on the zoomed out picture though...

South side of TC
120th Street between Amsterdam and Broadway


Citizen's Bank Park

The Phillies won when I was there, which according to fans and area residents is a long shot this year. Here are a couple of pictures of the stadium.

It is remarkable how different the stadiums and their surrounding areas look.


Same Variety, Clearer Image

This is a similar shot to the one I had posted previously. Yesterday was just a nicer day and I was actually outside instead of taking the picture through the windows at the MOMA.


Old Fashioned "Car" Lights on a Building

I have never seen this type of "fixture" on the outside of a building before. It really looks like an old-school car headlight. Intruiging.

Wyckoff, NJ


Zig-Zag Iron Work

I think this is more aesthetically pleasing than the last version of iron work I have included on this site. I think I just like it because it's not symmetrical.

Journal Square area


Lions For Protection?

Since beginning the architectural observation process I have noticed a lot of lions with rings in their mouths. I would guess that it has to do with protection, but I'm not sure. Please let me know if I am wrong about this, or if any of you out there have more information about this architectural symbol.

Journal Square, Jersey City