Architecture at the MoMA

I love topographical maps, and these models make me topographically happy.

This is a great drawing too, but the picture is crappy. I couldn't use the flash in the museum, and had my old little point and shoot camera.

This model is so clever! Suburbia shown with one model and mirrors!


Land Architecture

I think Maya Lin is amazing. This article and video from the New York Times actually started my greater appreciation for her work. Then going to see her smaller sculptures in the museum building at Storm King Art Center made me LOVE her work. These images are of her large scale Wavefield which is at Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, NY. Now I want to go to Michigan and California to see her other two related works.


Asian Dragons in Our Nation's Capitol?

This face looks like an Asian Dragon.

I have no idea where this was in Washington D.C., or what the building is. A hotel maybe? I got the photo quickly as I was marching in D.C., so I didn't jot down any information. That's also why the picture is a bit blurry; I didn't stop walking when I took it.


Is An Eagle/Star Fence Patriotic?

There is a bit of an unappealing chunkiness to this, but I think it's more interesting than many of the boring, same old, same old iron-work fences I have seen.

I just think it was patriotic because I saw it in downtown Washington D.C. I wonder if I would have thought the same thing if I saw it in Jersey City, NJ?