Mural or Graffiti?

I'm pretty sure it's a mural, but what is the difference? (One guess what Street this is on.)

Clinton Street in Manhattan just south of Houston.

Here is a former student's tag I just found at a train station. This definitely isn't a mural, but it definitely is graffiti. It's not art, but some of the other tag-work he has done is...it's sad when he just defaces surfaces with crap.

I'll take a cheesy mural any day.


Mmmmmm Signage!

My favorite fast food place!

I'm glad there are none of these in the east or I would weigh a lot more than I already do.

Manteca, CA


Topography Without Topography

I ♥ topographical maps, and this was right under my feet as I was walking down the street.

Bond Street between Lafayette and Bowery in Manhattan.


Decorative Architectural Lace

I wouldn't call it beautiful, but it did catch my attention because it is unique.

This is on Bond Street in Manhattan between Lafayette and Bowery.


Elephant Bar Door Handles

Need I say more?

One doesn't often find architectural elements of note at chain restaurants (now that I said that I will,) but I thought these door handles were fun.

Elephant Bar
Modesto, CA