Architecture for Social Engagment 3

Some architectural sketches. I love it!


Architecture for Social Engagement 2

The photograph is of L.A. The white complex in the foreground shows the placement of the buildings shown in the model I posted yesterday.


Architecture for Social Engagement 1

I LOVE looking at architectural models. Over the next couple of days I will include pictures of models, drawings and photographs that are in the MoMA exhibit Small Scale Big Change: New Architecture of Social Engagement. It's all about local needs in underserved communities. This is of a school or arts organization in L.A.


D.C. Faces

I thought these were interesting faces, but I forgot to write down where I saw them. Some German Institute? I have no idea. 


Interesting Balcony Patterns

The building to the front right caught my attention because of the white outline, but then I also like the pattern of the balconies.

I liked the look of these balconies and windows from the side too, but then noticed the new art deco details, which made me like it even more.

I like the railings.


Architecture As Plaid Shirt

This looks like a midwesterner's plaid shirt.


Formerly Known As...

Apparently this very tall building is no longer called the Sears Tower...who knew?


More Circular "Futuristic" Goodness

There's Lake Michigan in the distance. What is that down to the left, more Bertrand Goldberg?

I had no idea what this building was. It looked like a Bertrand Goldberg building...
I did a bit of research and found this: Prentice Women's Hospital


River City

I do not think it looks like a river, but it does look like a mini city.

I actually like Bertrand Goldberg's buildings, but I also like curvy/circular shapes. I found this design more appealing, probably because it's more organic. Our tour-guide told us this group of buildings is not as well maintained as Marina City.


Corn Cobs

Marina City: well-known corn cob buildings by Bertrand Goldberg (right.)
There are really two towers. I just got a picture of this one.


Chicago Architectural Variety

Look at all those differences!


Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is quite unremarkable from the outside.

 This is what is known about the outside of the field.

I sent a picture like this to my brother during the game and he replied, "Where's the ivy? That's not Wrigley Field."

Here's the ivy and the old-school scoreboard.

Crappy plastic seats, but they were cheap for row 10!

Old-school cub. The style of the bear looks old even if the font doesn't.

The Cubbies won too, which was fun.


Chicago Architecture Adventure

So begins my Chicago architecture adventure. I hope you enjoy my pictures over the next couple of weeks.


Eagle With a Chicken Body

I love this little gem on Broadway. It looks like it is supposed to be an eagle, but if you look closely the body looks more like a chicken. 


Windows Like a Waterfall

I love the windows on this building. They look like they are cascading down rocks, like a waterfall. I do not know what this building is, but it's right next to Washington Square Park.

I also feel bad for all those rooms that do not have windows. Look at all that brown wall space.


The Weight of the World

This little face has a lot of visual weight on his small head. He looks so serious. I love that concentration!

He looks like he's made of limestone too, so he has seen his better days. He's a bit weathered.

This building is on 17th Street in Washington D.C.


Faces Lurking in the Shadows

These are on the North side of 54th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.


Owls and Bats in Central Park

These are right across the way from the Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, which is near 72nd street. (I <3 bats!)


Leafy Face on the Lower East Side

This is on Clinton Street just south of Houston.


My Favorite Windows

Look at the windows painted on Beacon's Closet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I love them!


Rams' Heads in Chelsea

I only had my phone as I was walking around Manhattan this week. I will have to go back to capture a better look at the golden rams.


Let Sleeping Lions Lie

This is a bit strange. Most lions on buildings are on guard. This one looks like it's sleeping.

He's actually not sleeping. His eyes are open, but he has quite a passive pose like he's lounging around in the heat.