Equal Love

I love baseball, and I love the prices and availability of Mets tickets. I do not love the team as much as my Tiggies, and Yanks, but I love baseball enough to be an equal opportunity attender.

I love the exterior of CitiField because it has the Camden Yard look (read: classic brick elements,) but there is something I miss about Shea. However, the first time I went to CitiField I sat in left field and could not see half of the outfield. Isn't calculating site lines an important part of being an architect in a venue such as this? I would think so, and whoever was in charge of that here dropped the routine fly ball. I had only ever sat in the good seats at Shea, and I have never sat in the same area of any other ball park either, so maybe I shouldn't long for an ugly blue and orange corrugated iron building.


What We See Everyday

My three month hiatus has been filled by moving, and adjusting to a new job. I thought I would begin my new architectural adventures by posting a picture of New Yankee Stadium because now I see it everyday on my way to work. I had season tickets for two years in Old Yankee Stadium several years ago. I have been to two games so far at New Yankee Stadium. The amenities are nice, but the prices are not. A very positive thing about the design is that they lowered the walkways in the front, so there are not the terribly obstructed views that they had previously on the lower level.

I look forward to fighting traffic deep into October because that means they will be in the World Series. Let's Go Yanks!