Equal Love

I love baseball, and I love the prices and availability of Mets tickets. I do not love the team as much as my Tiggies, and Yanks, but I love baseball enough to be an equal opportunity attender.

I love the exterior of CitiField because it has the Camden Yard look (read: classic brick elements,) but there is something I miss about Shea. However, the first time I went to CitiField I sat in left field and could not see half of the outfield. Isn't calculating site lines an important part of being an architect in a venue such as this? I would think so, and whoever was in charge of that here dropped the routine fly ball. I had only ever sat in the good seats at Shea, and I have never sat in the same area of any other ball park either, so maybe I shouldn't long for an ugly blue and orange corrugated iron building.

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