Where East Meets West

Hungary has always been an area that has been fought over by eastern and western powers. You can see it in the eclecticism of the architecture around the city of Budapest, and Esztergom for that matter (which will be represented in a future post.) I think Mátyás Templom (Mathias Church) is a prime example of the eastern and western influences. On the tour I learned that the patron saint of this church is Mary, so the proper name isn't Mátyás Templom, but the Church of Our Lady. This is a fact many tourists and residents do not know because it's so well known by its secular name.

The altar looks very Byzantine.

The wall paintings have a very eastern feel to them, but there are pictures of people and saints, which is more western.

The stained glass windows are very western looking. I only took a picture of this section because I really like the seals (as you can see from the blurry picture below.)

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