Philly's Skyline

Put a sculpture of a well-known historical figure (William Penn) on the top of a building and people will like it. I do. It's 37 feet and it is the tallest sculpture on any building in the world.

William Penn on top of City Hall at night to the right with skyscrapers towering behind from left to right. Two Liberty Place is on the far left, then One Liberty Place, the Mellon Bank Center, and the tallest building on the right is the Comcast Center.

Apparently when they lift a ban everyone goes crazy. There was a ban on buildings that stood taller than William until 1987, and you can see that once they lifted the ban the skyscrapers went up. Here's a really interesting article from the New York Times that talks about Liberty Place.

William Penn during the day on his 511 foot tower with the Comcast Center towering behind.

These are the buildings I think of when I think of Philly's Skyline.

Here are two interesting sites that show, and discuss the buildings in Philadelphia: Phillyskyline and GoPhila

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