Gotta Have a Gehry

Sorry for the quality of this photo. I took it with my cell phone while driving by. I drive by it at least once a week and never stop, and never find myself walking around that area, so I decided finally to post this picture until I get a better one.

New York City had been waiting for a work of architecture by Frank Gehry for some time. It finally got one here in 2007 as the IAC building on the West Side Highway in Chelsea. The shape of the glass panels gives the overall building a unique look, but the use of the fritted glass creates visually interesting bands especially at sunset when the golden light is reflected from the building. There were a little over 1,400 panels of glass used in the construction of this building.

When you go by, there are also bands of light and colors that emerge from the ground level. They have a video wall running across the ground floor facing the Westside Highway.

Check out IAC's website here. There is a lot of interesting information on the building.

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