Precursor to Corinthian Columns

Anyone who has studied art history knows that Egyptian art had a lot of influence on Greek art...Here is a lotus blossom adorning the top of a column, which no doubt inspired the ecanthus leaves on Greek columns. The Greeks just refined the idea and made it more delicate and less chunky than the Egyptians.

This is the temple of Dendur in the Egyptian Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
1000 5th Avenue at 82nd Street


Anonymous said...

Nice photo blog :) I love 'graphin' it too!

I particularly liked the Hirshfeld sign. Mostly cause i'm a fan. And i didnt know that the sign even existed!.. Do you live in nyc? There's alot of pics here from there.

SLW said...

I live very close to NYC. I visit at least one of the five bouroughs once or twice a week for food, entertainment, and fun.