To Celebrate...

the First Week of the 2007 Season

I love baseball, and I had season tickets to Yankees games for two seasons. This year I'm celebrating with a tinge of sadness because the prices for games have doubled since last year!! I think we should start a boycott. It's ridiculous, so I'm posting these pictures to remember...I will not be able to afford to go to any games this year. I am however going to a Seattle game this summer. Tickets that are 8 rows from the first base line at a Mariners game are cheaper than upper deck tickets at a Yankees game.

The first picture shows how you get caged in as you come from the subway.

I love the white "fencing" above center field at Yankee Stadium, so the second picture is a close-up of that with the third picture zoomed out to see the blimp as well.

The fourth and fifth pictures are of the exterior of the stadium around the home plate entrances.

I'm going to have to become a Mets fan, but after they build Citifield I probably will not be able to afford tickets there either...Oh well, Go Tigers!!

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