Erzsébet Híd

This bridge is not as interesting or lovely as the other bridges in Budapest. It is much more simple and modern looking, but that's a great view from my hotel window eh?

In the distance is Gellért Hill with a statue of Szent Gellért raising a cross over the city. Gellért was a missionary/Bishop from Italy who became a martyr when the Magyars nailed him into a barrel and rolled him down the hill into the river. This is how my guide book puts it, "Crucifix held high, the bishop glares down on the sinful metropolis. According to tradition, Bishop Gerhardus of Venice, know to the Hungarians as Gellért, paid for his missionary zeal with his life on this very spot" (Kluge-Fabényi & Markus 82).

This last picture shows the span and the tram you can take to see great views of Buda and the Duna.

Kluge-Fabényi, Julia, and Hella Markus. Prestel Guide Budapest. Trans. John Gabriel and Nancy Norwood. Munich: Prestel, 1994.

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