Pesti Barnabás utca

My heart lives in Budapest, so you may have to bear with me in the coming weeks. I think everything in Hungary is interesting because it is so beautiful, historical, and decorative, but then a lot of it is falling down, or under construction. The second picture shows great evidence of this. I hope you can enjoy these photos even a fraction of how much I enjoy the details from this beautiful country.

These three pictures were taken of the south side of Pesti Barnabás utca, which is a tiny little street off from the famous shopping/tourist walking street Váci utca (by the way utca=street) on the Pest side of Budapest.

So begins my tour of architecture in Europe...Austria and Germany to come.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, like a bottle that drifts across a body of water, not knowing where it will end up, here's how I came across your blog.

While doing my hobby of stamp collecting, I was looking at a hungarian stamp of Pesti Barnabas, a member of the Hungarian underground during WW2.

Every stamp has a story so I googled him and your site was not too far down the list.
So I looked at some of your photos. I also ehnjoy looking at the old Euro architecture.
Lokomotiv (my screen name)